About You

If you’re here, you’re probably a parent (or planning ahead soon-to-be-parent). A parent with kids that you love, and want photographed in an authentic way, as painlessly as possible. You love coordinating outfits and spunky dresses, but never mind a little mud and lots of laughter. To you, happy is beautiful, and that’s what you want captured. You love photos, but life is busy and you can’t always fit them in. Or you leave the photos that you have sitting on your hard drive for years (after you posted them to Facebook, of course) – that’s where I come in!

About Me

I’m a homeschooling mama to four little ones who are growing up way too quickly. They fuel my love of capturing the beautiful, stressful, messy today- that isn’t always picture perfect, but is perfectly us.

As a parent, I see how quickly children change- each day they are a little bigger, a little older, becoming the person they were meant to be. The days may be long, but the years are short. And I love to be able to make time stand still in a photograph, for I know that one day I will look back and miss today. The joy, the tears, the hugs and kisses, the mud-covered toddler- but never the laundry.

I’m a laid-back, patient perfectionist, which comes through in my photography. I want to create works of art that will hang in your gallery wall for a lifetime, and make the process of creating that art a fun and memorable experience for everyone – whether it’s an active toddler or a reluctant parent.

Let me capture your today – whether it’s a pregnancy, a birth, a milestone, a birthday, or “just because it’s been too long”.