Graduation Party at The Tree Room

I had the pleasure of photographing Christo & Lindsey Troutman and their lovely family as they celebrated Christo’s graduation from law school! Lindsey hosted a wonderful celebration party at The Tree Room, which is a very cool small events venue in the Chase Street Warehouses. It’s an open-air brick building, complete with a tree growing through the middle of it and koi ponds surround the edges. Home.made catered the event, and it was delicious. The Swanee bites are seriously addictive – cheese straws, pimento cheese, and pecans! Congratulations Christo, Lindsey, and family! Thank you for letting me be apart of the fabulous celebration.







Eleanor is one.

To prove that third children are not forgotten, Eleanor got not one, or two, but three birthday photo shoots. Granted, we were dealing with mosquitos, rain, teething, a fever, and a nap schedule. But third time’s a charm, and the mama and photographer was happy. I think photographers’ children like to give their parents lots of practice in how to deal with everything that could possibly go wrong in a photo shoot with children, sort of as a form of repayment for being their parent’s photographic guinea pigs.

Eleanor’s floral crown was designed by Mandy from Moonflower Design. She did a gorgeous job and I was seriously giddy when I saw it. We have a birthday tradition of a party hat or crown, and I thought a floral crown would be lovely for Eleanor’s first birthday. But Mandy seriously went above and beyond. Thanks, Mandy!

But, I digress. Eleanor is ONE. And we got photos to document it!
At one year old, Eleanor is so hilarious. She makes up for what she lacks in size with tenacity and determination. Also, don’t try to tell her that she is only one.

Things Eleanor likes: dogs, cats, Dmitri, Damon, David, cake, actually most food, balls, imitating everything we do from blowing our noses to hammering with a hammer or dipping chips in salsa, water! (drinking, splashing, pouring on herself), crawling and sitting in anyones lap that is on the floor, strangers (we need to work on that one), being outside is her favorite, the trampoline, the park, crawling and going…

Things Eleanor does not like: Baths, clothes, putting on clothes and diapers, being held when she wants down, her brothers going outside without her, sleeping, not getting what she wants (and sometimes when I’m describing Eleanor, I realize I’ve just described myself…)

DSC_8316DSC_8324DSC_8331DSC_8678Starting a photo shoot like this is usually not a good sign…

DSC_8664ellie17.jpgellie18.jpgLemonade and mama snuggles ended the rainy porch shoot on a good note. And once the rain let up we re-located to The Founder’s Garden, which is one of my favorite spots on the University of Georgia’s campus.

DSC_8787DSC_8793DSC_8794DSC_8796DSC_8802DSC_8801Ok, mama. I am done.

Mother’s Day.


Today was not a perfect Mother’s Day. No, it was pretty crappy. It reminded me of how unappreciated I can feel sometimes, and I’m sure having some expectation of having a day about me did not help this at all. People bragging about their picture perfect Facebook lives, with their selfless husbands and adoring children ….nope, I’m sitting out on that today. But today, despite all of the imperfections, I am reminded that I have a choice. I could feel sorry for myself (and, I do just a little bit), or I can reflect and focus on the beautiful parts of my life that I am so thankful for. Like the three healthy, beautiful, funny children that give me a reason to participate in this holiday. I am so incredibly lucky to be their mother every day. Or the delicious poutine and chicken and waffle club that I ate at The World Famous today that made a very close second on the gratitude scale today. I’m also thankful for my own mama, who has been my teacher (did you know I was homeschooled?), my friend, and frequently did the duty of two parents throughout my life. These are the reasons I’m celebrating this holiday anyways…not because it’s a day to do the trivial little things that I want.

Yes, today was not the day that I envisioned. And I’m giving all of my feelings a little bit of their own room. But mostly, I’m going to bed tonight choosing thankfulness, gratitude, and joy.


To Market To Market

In addition to our session at their farm, I also photographed the Lopps of Native Sun Farm at the Athen’s Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. This was a lot of fun for me, because it isn’t a Saturday without a trip to the market. Dmitri and Damon know that Saturday is market day, and they would never let us forget. As soon as the sun sets on Friday night, they squeal, “we are going to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow!” It’s one of my favorite parts of Athens, the weekend, and time with my little wildlings. I rarely bring my camera, between three children and all the delicious food- I need a shopping cart and an extra hand! So this was a special time to get to head to the market early, relax, camera in hand, work and have fun (I am so lucky to have a job where the lines between work and fun are non-existent).

We could not have asked for more lovely spring weather on a May day. It was a perfect morning. Photographing real life is where it’s at. I love it.





Lazy B Farm Field Trip

We took a field trip to Lazy B Farm in Statham, Georgia this past week with a group of homeschoolers. It was perfect timing, since we are currently reading Little House in the Big Woods. I love when life intertwines serendipitously and effortlessly. It reminds me that sometimes I need to step back, and not get in the way. We had a fun time. Dmitri’s favorite part of the trip was getting to milk a goat for the first time. And of course, a field trip to a farm during springtime means babies (my favorite part)!

I’ve known Cyndi Ball for several years, and she is such an inspiration. She homeschooled her six children, as well as built her homestead/farm. She is a big believer in women following their dreams, regardless of the obstacles. And I really love that about her. It’s always a pleasure to see her handiwork and feel encouraged by her vision. If you are interested in a field trip for your school or homeschool group, or are interested in her work empowering women to homestead – check out her website and the National Ladies Homestead Gathering.