Mama is the Easter Bunny

We had a very enjoyable Easter that was filled with some of my favorite Easter-y things. I’m thankful for being able to spend it with family – my three littles sure love their cousins. We are lucky enough to have quite a few cousins very close in age! (As of the end of this fall, there will be 9 children 5 and under on David’s side of the family).

David and I did not grow up with Santa and the Easter Bunny, and so we have not passed on these traditions to our own children. In spite of this, our children are completely obsessed with Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the latest fascination- the tooth fairy. (We just had the “Is the tooth fairy real” talk last week). I don’t want to disappoint or hurt their feelings, so I don’t ever actually say that any of these mythical holiday figures “aren’t real,” but instead offer that “it’s a pretend game we play.” They are very adept at pretend play, and often I cannot gauge the extent of their understanding when it comes to holiday existentialism.

This year, Dmitri and Damon were unusually excited about Easter. They have been counting down for weeks, and the anticipation has closely rivaled Christmas. They informed me weeks ago that they would be receiving presents from the Easter Bunny in their baskets, and they have spent countless hours wondering what the bunny will bring (hop-fully, a “weed eater and a real rocket ship”). On Easter Eve, they were flipping, head-standing, and donkey kicking at bedtime, and in exasperation I resorted to saying, “The Easter Bunny cannot come until we go to sleep.” They immediately snuggled under the covers and tried to lay still. They both smiled at me and Damon said, “Mama, you are the Easter Bunny!”

This fact has only made the holiday more fun and magical, for all of us. I like getting a little credit for the effort I put into a holiday. Why yes, I AM the Easter Bunny. And they love that they think their very own mother is, in fact, the Easter Bunny. Not taking my job lightly, I left a labyrinth of jelly beans through the house for them to follow to their baskets, which I fill primarily with art supplies (thanks to Treehouse Kid & Craft!). They were thrilled- and who doesn’t love eating jelly beans off of the floor for breakfast?

I cannot wait for Christmas, when I get to be an elf.

And here, are some photos of our Easter fun.


EleanorGarden (14 of 15)

The Littlest Gardener

This wild child of mine loves getting dirty, and thoroughly enjoyed helping us plant our garden this past weekend. I love my garden, and this is my fourth year planting one. But, my garden doesn’t love me so much. Fourth time’s a charm, right? I kind of feel ridiculous planting, yet again, considering my limited success (read: utter and complete gardening failure).  Thankfully, the lovely farmers at the Athens Farmer’s Market are much more successful than I am, and they keep us fed.

But I keep on planting for memories like this:

EleanorGarden (1 of 15)EleanorGarden (2 of 15)EleanorGarden (3 of 15)EleanorGarden (4 of 15)EleanorGarden (5 of 15)EleanorGarden (6 of 15)EleanorGarden (7 of 15)EleanorGarden (8 of 15)EleanorGarden (9 of 15)EleanorGarden (10 of 15)EleanorGarden (11 of 15)EleanorGarden (12 of 15)EleanorGarden (13 of 15)EleanorGarden (14 of 15)EleanorGarden (15 of 15)

Damaris | Preview

Matt & Stephanie live on a gorgeous, serene, and secluded farm about an hour from Athens, Georgia. It was lovely to be able to visit their home, and photograph them in such a beautiful setting that also holds a special place in their hearts. Damaris was almost two weeks old, and I could not have asked for a more perfect model. She slept peacefully almost the entirety of her session, and we had a fun, relaxing time photographing and visiting. Here is a preview from our session together! Full session to come.

Athens Newborn Damaris (1 of 6)Athens Newborn Damaris (5 of 6)Athens Newborn Damaris (6 of 6)Athens Newborn Damaris (2 of 6)Athens Newborn Damaris (3 of 6)Athens Newborn Damaris (4 of 6)

3 Porch Farm Plant Sale

photo (5)   Every Saturday during the Farmer’s Market season (which starts next Saturday), we shop at the Athens Farmer’s Market, where all of our favorite things are in one spot: good music, excellent coffee from 1000 faces, fresh local produce, tasty baked goods and treats, and friends. But, there is no doubt one of our favorite Farmer’s Market stops is at 3 Porch Farm’s tent, where Dmitri and Damon (and I’m sure Eleanor too this year!) get strawberry honeypops- popsicles made from strawberries and honey straight from 3 Porch Farm. Today, we went to the 3 Porch Farm annual plant sale, where we saw some of our favorite friends and local businesses, and we picked up seedlings for our summer garden. To the sound of bluegrass music, we relished the first honeypops and homemade chai of the year.

There was food from Home.Made Catering – and I finally got to try one of their famous cheese straws. I don’t even like cheese straws, but these were divine. I look forward to visiting Home.Made sometime soon. I heard an internet rumor that they might consider opening for dinner…mmm. Also present, Double Dutch Press had lovely printed items and Treehouse Kid and Craft set up a flower crown-making station. Dmitri and Damon love the craft classes at Treehouse (um, and the beautiful and cool toys!)

It was immensely encouraging to be surrounded by local businesses who base their business models on their own ethics, passion, and desire to make the world a better place- which might be a cliché, but a rare one in the business world. Steve and Mandy of 3 Porch Farm discussed on their farm tour how they have based their farm on interdependence, not competition, building community, and not just profit (of course, that has it’s own place in a business too!). How frequently do you hear someone say, “Oh, Farmer so-and-so is growing this tomato which is doing so well! We won’t grow that then, we will find something else.”

I cannot even tell you how this speaks to my heart and my own vision as a small business, an Athenian, and a human being.

I’ll stop gushing now. We love Steve and Mandy and what they are doing at 3 Porch Farm and Moonflower Designs (even if they are sickeningly cute.) And I will be photographing a wedding in June that Mandy will be designing the flowers for- yet another reason to look forward to the wedding! It’s going to be beautiful.

We love Athens.

And I am excited to get my little plants into the garden! Sunny and 70 tomorrow, how lovely is that?


photo (4)

Faith + Andy | Chateau Élan Wedding Sneak Peak

Faith and Andy’s wedding day was a beautiful and intimate occasion at the gorgeous Chateau Élan in Braselton, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. I feel honored to have been able to photograph their lovely day. It’s incredibly enjoyable to work with a bride & groom who are so fun, sincere, and in love. I do not expect to tear up at a client’s wedding, but the love that was so evident at their ceremony reached me behind the lens. Congratulations Faith & Andy! Here is a preview of their day:

Faith & Andy (3 of 5)Faith & Andy (1 of 1)Faith & Andy (2 of 5)Faith & Andy (1 of 5)Faith & Andy (1 of 1)-2
Faith & Andy (5 of 5)Faith & Andy (1 of 1)Faith & Andy (4 of 5)