Summer’s End

Summer is winding down, and while the warm temperatures will stay for a while longer, my mind is shifting to the changing season. I have loved the sunshine and all of the water play with my water babies. Summertime is a laid-back kind of busy for me-the days are full, but fun. I enjoy the freedom of going here and there, playing with friends, and ignoring the to-do list a bit. But after a while, I need a more steady pace, a routine,  a rhythm. I feel tired, and a little out of control. It’s time for a new schedule, for starting the homeschool year with my kindergartner (!) and for fall weddings and family photo sessions!

I wanted to get a few recent photos of my own three little ones, specifically to capture my newly five year old before the start of school year. My three littles are not especially cooperative when it comes to being photographed and it’s a bit of challenge to play the role of parent and photographer simultaneously. But nonetheless, I think this session really captures Dmitri, Damon, and Eleanor and their respective personalities. And we had fun. At the very least, peanut butter cup cookies were involved.

A photographer’s note: I shot this entire session with my 85 mm f/1.4, which was new for me. I usually shoot children with my 50 mm f/1.4. I challenged myself to try something new, and I really love the results. I think I’ll be doing this more!

DSC_1064Three in a Tree.jpgDSC_1025



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  • Judy

    Caroline, these are awesome. I especially like the pic of D1 with his hands in his pockets and the big grin; the first one of D2–close up of his face and he not really smiling; and Lil Miss E–the one of her face close up where you can see how many teeth and her hair is kind of wind blown.
    lov you all! Judy

    September 29, 2014 at 8:11 am

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